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complaints go here

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To the LOD who asked me to help her bring in carts (not even close to what my job is), then proceeded to sit in the break room and eat frozen yogurt

Thank you so much for all your help

Much appreciated

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You know as much as I hated my old store, I never saw AP close or work a pull or zone or anything

It’s almost like they were actually doing the job they were hired to do. Weird.

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When upper management thinks they know more about working on the salesfloor than actual team members…

Bitch I been doing this shit for nearly three years and I doubt you have ever zoned your own sections a single day in your life so don’t you even begin to tell me what is bullshit. Maybe you’re a manager but you don’t know jack about what I do so fuck the hell right off

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Wow now I’m starting to understand why everyone hates this store manager so much

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People are in the break room trying to peacefully eat and mind their own business, not engaging in conversation. Do you:

>Let them be

>Keep going on and on and on about whatever pointless shit you’re pestering them with

Because… For real.

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idk what the end game is when you want to destroy someone who already knows they’re nothing but a piece of shit

like where do you go from there

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Fellow feminists!!

This morning I had a huge dickwad on Facebook (I know, Facebook…) trying to tell me the wage gap between men and women is a myth, and he had this report to go along with it that I wish I could link here, but I blocked his ass so fast after the argument, I didn’t think to save anything, but anyway

He was saying how the numbers that show a “wage gap” are misleading because women don’t negotiate their salary as men do, and tend to sacrifice income for a more flexible schedule, etc.

How would you refute all this, and do you have any articles out there that you personally find informative?

The argument ended once he started attacking me and my personal life choices, but for future reference, I’d like to have ammunition if it should ever come up again.

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A severely hunchbacked girl was leaving the store just as a Mexican guy was walking in, and he straight up STOPPED in the vestibule and didn’t even try to be subtle as he stared at her.
I really wanted to just stand and stare at HIM, especially since being in a uniform might scare the crap out of him, but I didn’t want to look like I was staring at the girl too =/

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