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So I don’t know if anyone is aware, but Target has a new “request” in terms of firearms.

Target requests that guests do not bring firearms into the store, however, they will abide by state law.  So if it’s legal to carry in your state, and you walk in the store with a gun, that’s your right, no one will stop you or say anything to you.

Ok uh so what’s the point of that request?

Anyway.  This motherfucker came to our store (it’s in Texas by the way, surprise surprise) specifically seeking out a fight.  He came in with his NRA T-shirt, gun strapped to his hip, and his son by his side, ready to take a video on his phone while his dipshit of a father tried to argue with our leader on duty.

He walked in and immediately demanded to speak to a manager.  Of course he had beef with the gun request.  The LOD went out there and this guy immediately started giving her shit, saying how he has his license, he has a right to carry, and he pulled out a bunch of cash to show her, “Look at all this money I was gonna spend here, now I’m gonna go somewhere else.”

And she kept trying to tell him over and over that it was just a request statement made by the company, that we respect the state’s law and he’s more than welcome to bring his firearm in the store, but he wouldn’t hear it and just kept trying to argue like a shitstain and then left the store.

I really want to see that video pop up somewhere online and watch people laugh at his stupid ass for trying to argue when the LOD was nothing but accommodating.


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While I was near the front of the store, our guest service team member was on a checklane (which is why he had a walkie, in case you’re wondering why a cashier had a walkie).

He asked for the leader on duty to assist with a transaction.

The leader on duty SHOULD have been the ETL-GE, but check my last post, whenever she closes, you get a two-fer because the store manager is too busy sniffing after her vajayjay to go home to his wife on the nights this ETL closes.

So anyway, store manager replied to this cashier, even though he was not scheduled as the closing leader on duty.  And he replied in a very rude, irritated tone, literally, almost verbatim said, “What do you need?  Is it anything I can talk you through on the walkie?  I’m in the middle of dinner.”

1 - That’s extremely disrespectful not just to your employee but to the guest that needs your attention.

2 - It would be one thing if he had to clock out for lunch, since team members aren’t allowed to work off the clock, but he’s a salaried manager.  There is no working off the clock.  He couldn’t take his dick out of the ETL’s mouth for two fucking seconds to help this guest, christ.

3 - idk, maybe go home and have dinner with your WIFE when someone else is scheduled to close?

Since I was nearby, I was like, fuck that guy, I’M going to help this cashier, so I went to see what he needed help with.  Unfortunately, he needed a supervisor code, which I actually couldn’t help with, after all.  So the store manager just had the cashier switch to a different channel on the walkie and dictated his code to him.  Over the walkie, for any team member to eavesdrop in on that and get his code.  What the fuck ever.

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So today, in regards to which team member was closing market or electronics, we had the choice of two guys.  One was trained in ONLY electronics, the other was market/electronics.

Guess who got put in market?

You betcha, it was the guy who never spent even a minute training for market.  He’s the one that got to close market.

Target logic.

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