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The other day I saw two teenage girls playing with a shopping cart. One of them was sitting in it while the other pushed her and nearly crashed into a clothing rack, and when I told them the basket is for children only, one of them replied with a really snotty “Why?” And I just told them for safety, but it took every fiber of my being not to scream BECAUSE YOU NEARLY CRASHED INTO A CLOTHING RACK YOU STUPID FUCKING CHILD.

I found out later in the evening that after that, they went and stole some condoms.

I’m sorry but if you’re so immature as to play with a cart like that, and so immature that you can’t face a cashier to buy condoms, then maybe you’re not mature enough to do the deed. At least they’re being safe, but christ, it’s an adult act, so maybe try not to be such a fucking child.

And I bet they’re the types of teens who are like, “WAH, I’M NOT A CHILD ANYMOOOORE, WHY DOES EVERYONE STILL TREAT ME LIKE A CHIIIILLLD.” Because look at your life, look at your choices.

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Anonymous asked: I work at a Tarbucks and I hate it so much. I was praying to God that I would break my arm or something before my shift. When that didn't happen I called off. I figured that if I was hoping for bodily harm I probably shouldn't even be going in the first place. I don't even care if I get fired anymore. I fucking hate that place.

I felt exactly the same when I worked at a Tarbucks. I concerned my parents when I said sometimes I hope someone runs their car into me on the way to work, because I’d rather lie in the hospital for a few days than go in to work. I would never self harm or do anything intentionally harmful, but it was just the thought that something so horrible would be preferable to going in to work at Tarbucks.

And I also reached a point where I didn’t care if I got fired or not, so I started secretly taking sandwiches home after I closed, but I never got caught.

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"It’s job security lololol!"

Ok this is very tl;dr, but it’s important.  At least I think it’s pretty important and I’d really like this information to reach further than the retail griping community, because we all know the truth, but the assholes who actually say this shit need to learn a thing.

When you go in a store and make a mess under the mindset that it’s “job security,” first of all, shame on you.  I know your momma must have taught you better.  SHAME.  ON YOU.  For not only behaving like an embarrassing child, but for attempting to legitimize this horrific behavior through uninformed, ignorant logic.

Let me tell you exactly WHY this is not “job security,” and in fact, might actually COST some people their jobs.

If you genuinely care about job security - which you don’t, you’re just being a trashy piece of shit - you’ll buy things in the store instead of just slopping the place up.  When a company decides how many people they will employ and how many people will be scheduled at a certain time, it all depends on SALES.  No one gives the tiniest little shit about how big of a mess the store is.  They’re going to only look at how much money they’re making.

That being said, when you walk into a store and throw crap wherever the fuck you feel like, you are HURTING SALES.  People are more inclined to buy when the shelves look nice and neat, and when they can easily find what they’re looking for.  So when the store looks a mess and less people buy product, less employees are put on the schedule, so that’s LESS PEOPLE to clean up your HUGE MESSES.  And have you ever gone into a store and had trouble finding an employee to help you?  Yep, you got it - it’s because of sales.

Messy store = less sales = less available employees = even less sales = even less employees.  Get it?

I used to work at the Target in town.  Now I work at one a couple towns over.  My current store is MUCH busier than the local one, yet we have the same staffing.  Seems ridiculous, right?  How can the same number of people deal with a higher volume of customers?  Why would the company do such a thing with all the “job security” coming through the store to mess up our nicely organized shelves?  The exact reason is SALES.  The two stores are similar in sales.  No one gives a shit that more people come into my current store to fuck it up.  They just look at the money people spend, and you know, we probably could make more in sales if we had the number of people to deal with the messes made, or more employees available to help guests.

So really, you guys are just hurting yourselves by trashing up a store.  If you pick something up to look at it, it’s really not that hard to set it back down where you found it, as opposed to just throwing it randomly.

And yes, yes, there’s the other famous line, “It’s someone’s job to do it,” but that’s cool.  Just tell me where you work and I’ll come and make your job 10x harder for you to do, just because “it’s your job to do it.”

You wouldn’t walk into someone’s home and leave a huge mess for them to clean up after you because it’s THEIR home to clean.  Of course not, that would be rude and embarrassing so why should a store be any different?  The employees are human beings too, so please try to remember that.

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Anonymous asked: Our DTL gave us a challenge for the next 3 days that if we get 20 red cards in one day he'll do the ice bucket challenge and donate $100 to ALS. I can't believe they turned giving to charity into a way to bring in more red cards.



Wow that’s pretty low and despicable.

This does not surprise me

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So we just got a “reward” at work for winning 1st place in two categories in a secret contest we did not know we were part of.

As a reward, we got 10% coupons to use all month on Target brand merchandise.

It’s nice I guess, but I hate thinking about the bonuses upper management received. What role did they play in this contest? I’m sure they gave excellent guest service while they sat in their offices.

I’m sick of getting thrown scraps.

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So I thought of a way to call out yet still be polite to the customers who pour coffee in the garbage can after they said they DON’T want room for cream:

"Oh, I’m so sorry, I must have misheard you!  I thought you said you didn’t want room for cream!  So sorry, would you like me to pour some in the sink for you?"

I’m sure others must have thought of this by now, but I thought I’d put this idea out there for those who haven’t.  Also, I’d love to hear people’s reactions for the times you have told them something like this!!!

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So I don’t know if anyone is aware, but Target has a new “request” in terms of firearms.

Target requests that guests do not bring firearms into the store, however, they will abide by state law.  So if it’s legal to carry in your state, and you walk in the store with a gun, that’s your right, no one will stop you or say anything to you.

Ok uh so what’s the point of that request?

Anyway.  This motherfucker came to our store (it’s in Texas by the way, surprise surprise) specifically seeking out a fight.  He came in with his NRA T-shirt, gun strapped to his hip, and his son by his side, ready to take a video on his phone while his dipshit of a father tried to argue with our leader on duty.

He walked in and immediately demanded to speak to a manager.  Of course he had beef with the gun request.  The LOD went out there and this guy immediately started giving her shit, saying how he has his license, he has a right to carry, and he pulled out a bunch of cash to show her, “Look at all this money I was gonna spend here, now I’m gonna go somewhere else.”

And she kept trying to tell him over and over that it was just a request statement made by the company, that we respect the state’s law and he’s more than welcome to bring his firearm in the store, but he wouldn’t hear it and just kept trying to argue like a shitstain and then left the store.

I really want to see that video pop up somewhere online and watch people laugh at his stupid ass for trying to argue when the LOD was nothing but accommodating.


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